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EagleCareers main focus is teaching positions in Hefei, AnHui, China. We work with high profile schools to provide job opportunities for a range of teaching styles and age groups. Foreigner family owned and operated English schools, Art and Dance English franchise schools, nationally franchised English schools, kindergartens, high schools, universities, colleges and institutions.
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Let us solve your international staffing issues,  We can Recruit, Process, Settle and Support your international staff.
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EagleCareers manage negotiations between the Employer & Employee to ensure a positive relationship throughout the contract.
According to our requirements, all employers must be friendly to foreign employees and able to satisfy the conditions set out in the Government's approval list for the employment of foreign employees, as well as the ability to employ foreign employees in terms of legal regulation, administration and social affairs. Expatriate employees must be proven to be reasonable and qualified employees.

WE offer legal advice to both parties, negotiate contracts and conditions as well as offer social and professional support for the duration of the journey
我们将为合同双方提供法律建议,提供合同条款谈判服务,还将全程为外籍雇员在中国提供其他社会方面和专业方面的支持与服务。 Open English Forum