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EAGLECAREERS.COM.CN ("HengYing Human Resources Management Co., Ltd.") offers you a wide range of products and services ("Materials" or "Services") via this web site. Please review the following terms that govern your use of the Site. Please be advised that your use of this web site constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.


EAGLECAREERS.COM.CN ("HengYing 人力资源管理 Co., Ltd.") 通过本网站为您提供各种产品和服务 ("材料" "服务")。请查看以下条款, 以指导您使用本网站。请注意, 您使用本网站构成您同意遵守并受以下条款和条件的约束。

Attention: This Site and these Terms and Conditions may be changed by EAGLECAREERS.COM.CN with or without notice. Please review this link on a regular basis for changes. Continued use of this web site following any change constitutes your acceptance of the change.

注意事项: 此站点和这些条款和条件可以通过 EAGLECAREERS.COM.CN 更改, 或不另行通知。请定期查看此链接以进行更改。在任何更改后继续使用本网站, 即构成您接受更改。

Terms and Conditions
The user uses the site for its specific purpose of job search as a seeker and job posting as an employer.


Use of Materials
Use of materials are to be limited to the user and not to be distributed unless written contractual agreement is received.

材料的用途将被限制对用户, 并且不被分配, 除非书面合同协议被接受。

Privacy Policy
Our use of any personally identifying information you provide to us as part of the registration process is governed by the terms of our Privacy Policy.

作为注册过程的一部分, 我们使用您提供给我们的任何个人识别信息都受我们的隐私政策条款的约束。

User Information
No user information will be shared outside terms outlined in the Privacy Policy.

隐私策略中概述的术语之外, 不会共享任何用户信息.

Termination and Agreement Components
Either party can terminate the use agreement by deleting the account on the database.


All links from this site must remain the stated intent of the page and be ‘G’ rated.

本网站的所有链接必须保持该网页的声明意图, 并被评为 "G"

Copyright and Trademark Notice
EagleCareers is a registered company and all content is copyright.

是一家注册公司, 所有内容都是版权。

Limitation of Liability
All care taken, no responsibility accepted.

所有的照顾, 没有责任接受。

Disclaimer of Warranties
All care taken, no responsibility accepted.

所有的照顾, 没有责任接受。

All care taken, no responsibility accepted.

所有的照顾, 没有责任接受。

Applicable Laws
All relevant laws shall be respected and abided for international trade and employment. EagleCareers abides by the laws and regulations of China and any dispute arising shall be dealt with according the ShuShan Courts, Hefei.

所有相关法律应受到尊重和遵守, 以促进国际贸易和就业。EagleCareers 遵守中国法律、法规的规定, 凡发生争议, 由合肥蜀山法院处理。

Due to the nature of clients submitting their own information, it is not practical to expect everything to be accurate and up-to-date. All reasonable efforts are taken to ensure accuracy and security of information, it is our priority.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions for this web site, please contact us.

由于客户提交自己的信息的性质, 这是不切实际的期望一切都是准确和最新的。所有合理的努力都是为了确保信息的准确性和安全性, 这是我们的当务之急。


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